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AJDestudio Architects in Málaga

AJDEstudio is formed by architects from Málaga and professionals in the construction sector. Our projects are perceived from elegance, harmony with the environment, luxury and sophistication.

Do you want us to help you build the house of your dreams?

Our way of working is based on the precise union between the idea and the construction. We focus on all the details from the first initial sketches to the end of the work.

The spatial solutions we propose are conceived from the beginning, to achieve an architecture consistent with the initial idea of each project.

In our projects we seek light, using the shadow tool as an aid to generate depth; Nature, which we integrate in exteriors as well as interiors, creates a flow between spaces that lose their boundaries. All this with the disciplinary support of tools and technology to achieve satisfaction and quality in all our works.

What can we offer you?

From our studio we offer you a complete and integrated management of the entire project. We start from the beginning, from the search for land to locate the house, the process of ideas and sketches, the documentation with the administrations and we ensure that the construction process is efficient and meets the deadlines. In addition, we will inform you of the cost of building your own house, avoiding cost overruns and budget scares.

Our projects

AJDEstudio focuses its work on the Costa del Sol, always looking for views towards the Mediterranean Sea. As an architecture studio based in Málaga, and knowing the place well, the villas we have designed adapt to the conditions and peculiarities offered by the entire coast that goes from Benalmádena to Estepona, passing through Fuengirola, Mijas and Marbella. The orientation of the houses, the comfort of the spaces, the integration with the mountain nature, pine forests and beach are the main premises of our work as architects from Málaga.